Nick Warren -

CMPM 163 Game Graphics - HW1

Part A has a simple scene with 3 models wach using their own shader. I used a BufferPlane as a floor, and combined the texture and Phong shader examples from class. The scene also includes an imported OBJ of a garbage meme, using just the Phong shader. Finally I have Sphere mesh using the dynamic coloring shader with customized colors. I animated the sphere to make it look like it was rolling across the floor.

Part B demonstrates various image filters and kernels on a stock photo. You can move the mouse from left to right to switch between the original and edited version of the image. Click to swap between the 5 different effects: greyscale, negative, blur, sharpen, edge detection.

Part C uses ping-pong texture swapping on the GPU to run a cellular automata. The cellular autamata has 3 states and simple rules set on Moore neighborhood cells. I then rendered the resulting texture to a rotating cube mesh.

Part D