Take a screenshot (or photo) of an interesting visual effect you noticed in a video game or computational artwork. In a few paragraphs, describe the effect. What do you like about it? How do you think it was created? Does the effect change depending on the camera view? The lights? Is it an effect that updates the geometry itself, or change the color of the pixels, or does it alter a texture?

The fire in The LEdgend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is some of best fire I've seen in a video game. Not only is it an extremely dynamic element that effects lots of different mechanics, it always looks really good.

First of all it creates a beutiful orange light and glow whenever it is lit. The rendering engine puts what looks like an orange bloom around it. Different parts of the fire seem to glow more than others, and also appears more white. The lower parts are given a deep orange. The actual shape of the fire doesn't look like a texture, and it changes as the camera rotates around it, like it has volume. It's also effected by wind, whether the wind is blowing through it, or the object it's on is moving. It just looks so good and it's really hard to tell what's going on.